5.1.1 Non-Native English Speakers

Non-Native English Speakers (TOEFL and TWE)

An applicant whose native language is other than English, or for whom English was not the language of instruction from the primary grades (regardless of U.S. citizenship or residency) must demonstrate proficiency in English. The minimum score for applicants on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is indicated on the chart below. An official record of the test must be sent to the Seminary by the Educational Testing Center. Photocopies of test results will not be accepted.

Minimum required score for admission to the Seminary is 88 iBT (570 PBT) for all programs except for Th.M. and Ph.D., which require 100 iBT (600 PBT). Please see chart. Students who are admitted to the Seminary but score less than 111 iBT (640 paper-based), on the TOEFL must register for the course PT 031P Advanced Theological Writing during their first semester on campus, or, for D. Min. students only, in the week prior to the Orientation module. Students must take the course each subsequent semester until the course is passed and the course must be passed in order for the student to graduate. There is a tuition fee for this course (see course description for PT 031P).

TOEFL Internet-Based Paper-Based  TWE   TSE


88 570 4.5
D.Min 88 570 5
100 600 5 50


All applicants to Th.M. and Ph.D. programs who have not taken the iBT must submit the TWE score as well as a score of not less than 50 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE-A). This test is part of the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) but not part of the paper-based TOEFL and it requires an additional fee. The TWE-A is administered twelve times per year at centers around the world.

The TOEFL (and TWE, if TOEFL is paper-based) exams are required for those whose native language is not English. If the applicant’s native language is not English, but he or she has been educated in Standard English beginning in the primary grades through undergraduate school, he or she will be exempt from taking the TOEFL and TWE exams but will be required to register for PT 031P Advanced Theological Writing.

To register for the TOEFL/TWE or TSE test, applicants should contact TOEFL/TSE Services, P.O. Box 6151, Princeton, NJ 08541-6151, USA (telephone: 609-882-6601; web address: www.toefl.org). Westminster’s code number, 2976, should be noted on materials sent to TOEFL/TSE Services.